Monday’s Mantra: All progress takes place

Roter Faden #23 by Christine Hager-Braun

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” – Michael John Bobak

As humans, we are creatures of habit. Most of us are much more at ease in our usual surroundings, among familiar people, and situations with predictable outcome than in circumstances that are different or even strange.

But in order to learn and to expand our horizon, we need to test new ways.

Have you ever tried an exotic dish and it turned out tasting very different from what you had expected, that it actually was delicious?

Have you gone to a gym, being weary and self-conscious because you look and feel like anything but an athlete just to see people of all shapes and sizes who – like you – just embark on the journey of a healthy lifestyle?

Do you prefer to keep your struggles to yourself and the one time you asked for help your request was met with understanding and kindness?

We step outside our comfort zone and frequently discover that this new experience – albeit different – is safe. As we cultivate our new behavior, we feel more confident. What used to be outside our comfort zone, now defines our new comfort zone. This expansion marks personal growth.

Next time you face your own limitations, decide on a (small) step outside your comfort zone because that’s where progress takes place!

Wishing you a wonderful week with safe experiences outside your comfort zone!